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Friday, August 5th 2016, 7:22pm

How to move rails with signals


How to move rails with signals

Profis refer to manuals.
The manuals are only one mouse click away. Key <F1> will guide you directly to the manual. Out of each EEP window.

You may also refer to the EEP Wiki for further help


Operating System:

EEP Version:
EEP with newest version of "Tauschmanager"
(Please refer to FAQ XI "Zusatztools ab EEP7")

Version of the "Tauschmanager" comes with enhanced features and allow to move rails containing contacts, rolling stock and pre-set routes. Furthermore track objects, structures und landscape elements can be moved, rotated or elevated.

Link to the thread/solution:
Gleise mit Signalen verschieben, wie?

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