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Saturday, June 21st 2014, 5:55pm

Auxiliary programs and tools

XI. Auxiliay programs and tools for EEP Version 7 and Higher
Compilation of Auxiliary Programs and Tools which may be available in German Language only
( Subject of revisions and adaptations to fit to actual available auxiliary programs and tools )

*Tool for installation of clone models. Clone models are used to duplicate models ( free or shop models ) which are designed for exchange textures.

*Tool to design Departure Displays
Easy Zugziel Edit
The tool helps to design the included Departure Displays
Remark FAQ Team:
The tool runs in EEP8 and higher
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Take easy Screenshots of your models
Users of the "Modell-Katalog" can add missing pictures.
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Assistance for the work with the editor screens
The actual version of Hugo could not be used with EEP 10.1 ( Update1)
Remark FAQ Team: Please run HUGO as administrator .…o_download.html

*Find and use models in EEP
The "Modell-Explorer" offers the feature to find each model in EEP and prepare it for use.
Link invalid, deleted

*Overview of all 3D models included in EEP 7 and higher
The "EEP-Modellkatalog" is an additional tool for EEP Version 7.0 and higher which offers an overview of all 3D models included into EEP 7 and higher
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Select and start your layout easy and comfortable with the EEP Version you choose
After choosing of EEP Version the available layouts are listed to select the required one.

*Work on switches and railroad tracks. Create a documentation in MS Excel.
The "Kontakt-Explorer" assists automatisation of EEP projects. Combination of several switches or complete railroad tracks could easily be done and could be integrated into control circuits or implemented at other places.
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Use models and splines included in EEP 6 and older

This additional tool allows the so called basic conversion of 3D models and splines designed for version EEP 2.43 - EEP 6.x.
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Change signals and more - easy and reliable
Hinweis: Ist nur noch direkt vom Autor zu beziehen

* Change Icons of some models and splines
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

* Link two EEP layouts
The "Anlagenverbinder" with integrated model changer is an aditionally offered tool. It allows to link two EEP layouts. Models included in the data base could replace not existing ones and a *.txt file of missing models is created.
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Import real topografical data combined with fotos of satellites to create a realistic railway landscape.
(For more details please visit Trend-Shop)

*Proposals to form realistic trains
Zugverbände querbeet

*Install several models in one step
Bulkinstaller Version 1.31 EEP7 and higher *Latest Version*…ad/27/3566.html

*Sort, rename and delete cameras
Kamera Manager
KameraManager V.1.10

*Tool to create and modify trains externally ( create *.rss files used in EEP version 7 and higher )
RSS Tool
Link is not correctly. Link deleted.
*Program to mark and hide out-of-date models quickly and vice versa.

*Multiply models with exchange texture in versions EEP7-9, X
English Version ModelMultiplier…p&mode=download
German Version Modellvervielfältiger *Latest Version*…d/275/3695.html

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