Files by Faustii1987

Please regard the following if offering:

For layouts please send in only the following files *.anl3, *.lua, the corresponding*bmp files and, if applicable, the Lua scripts. The three *.dds files are not necessary. Exception: If individual terrain ground textures are created in the layout, it is mandatory that the three *.dds files are included. But in this case only.
A *.pdf file with the description of the layout (subject of the layout) and, at best, containing a description of used models (part number), shall be included.
All mentioned files shall be packed in a *.zip file.

In case individual blocks ( landscape elements, properties etc.) are compiled using fee-based shop models a *.pdf file stating used models (part numbers) shall be included. All mentioned files shall be packed in a *.zip file

Lua scripts
In case Lua script files are provided a *.pdf file with a detailed description should be included together with a link to the forum thread, if existing. Only *.zip packed script files should be sent

Please observe, that above mentioned criteria are mandatory . Otherwise the submitted works will not be released!
A link to an existing thread referring to the submitted layout, block or script and one or two pictures should be appreciated. With that interested members may get a faster overview and it may facilitate processing for us. Please send your files to administrator(at)