Left-reverse copying of whole track sections...?

  • Hello all,

    There is a basic thing that haunts me. I just made a 20 km wide anlage, with a single track that runs back and forth three times before leaving the anlage. Roughly about 55 km's of single track, that I now want to double with a left-reversed track. As is the normal on most person-carrying train lines. My question is this - do I really have to use more than an hour now, and click every each tracksection I made, and left-reverse it, or can I somehow mark the single track I already made, a have a function in EEP to lay the left-reverse in big sections (preferebly the whole anlage)...?

    If this function is not already in EEP, then that would be a suggestion that many a track-builder would love to have, I guess :-)

    All the best

    Win 10 Home 64bit - i5 6600k CPU 3,5GHz - 32 Gb Ram - NVIDIA Gerforce 1060 6Gb
    EEP13 expert edition (Steam purchase)