Userwunsch: Unsichtbares Loko...

  • Sehr geerhte konstrukteuren,

    Ist est möchlich ein unsichtbares loko zu machen? Ich versuche einer diese gravitations-kohle-kabel-bahnen zu machen, mit die verbindung zwischen den kohlehafen und die gaswerke in Kopenhagen. Und...

    Aaaaah - forget it. I can't just speak German overnight. But I need it in my two anlagen, that are build up around Copenhagen Harbor, and the coal transports from harbor to the Coal Gas Plant. In the harbor, when the coal arrived it was grabbed by the crane to this cable-based, gravity driven coal-waggons.

    I hope it is simple/einfach to make an invisible loko, that can make this cable-thing possible.

    Hopes and wishes
    TransEuropa aka Dennis

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  • Hello Dennis,

    maybe the quickest solution: You could try one of my Schaltautos. There is one with Tauschtexturen, so you could try to make it invisible, or at least similar to the color of the surroundings.

    I saw that Michael S. used this solution once...

    Another already existing solution is the "Unsichtbarer Beobachter" (invisible Observer). This model ships with EEP ("Grundversion"), and should be invisible as well (as long as you don't switch into the cabin view, then you get a "binocular effect").



  • Not bad for a quick fix Benny - cheers. And it reminds me that someone also made a little flat piece of wood with wheels, that could be useful.

    I'll try both solutions - maybe the shaltautos can be made invisible thru tauchs'ing - I did that in inmobilien ;-)

    Cherrs again Benny

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    It IS indeed possible to use Benny's fantastic schallauto m/tauschtextur, as invisible loko. Remove the texture in Photoshop and save the file, and import it to the model in the game. Voilá - unsichtbares loko...!

    Thank you so much for swift solution Benny

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  • ... at least you may use any RollingStock, independed , if yo are on street, railway or water - it will work.

    So, what I want to say, there are many invisible objects available !



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    Was ich sonst so treibe, sieht man hier.

  • There is as well a "Rolldummy_unsichtbar" available.

    Here is the corresponding link:

    Sorry: It was the old Version for EEP2-6

    Hi Klaus,

    Dieses Rolli für EEP7+, das wäre doch was. Das Alte bis v6 fehlt mir richtig. Mit richtig viel Hubraum - auf das eine Dampflok mit angekoppelten Rolldummy_unsichtbar 100 Waggons ziehen kann.

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  • Hallo Dennis,

    is it possible to post a few pictures of your harbour and plant(s) please?

    Themes like these I'm very interested of.

    Sorry, it's possible (that my English is impossible).

    Cheers (it's a fine formula at this place, I mean ;-)


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  • klaus

    I solved it with the Schallautos made by Benny. Works brilliantly. Thank you and others for all the different ideas to solving the issue though. I hope someone besides me can use the tips/ideas you all brought to light :-)


    I'd love to put up pictures. But at the same time I'd hate it. When I build tracks/anlagen, they are typiacally very big and focussed on grandiosity and functionality. Not pitch perfect and detail-rich small scenarios. That basically makes everything I make look "half-done" compared to the detail-masters. My tracks only get the wow-effect from zooming out, and panning around, to realize that thru the last few weeks, I turned a green sheet of emtpy space into Kopenhagen Hafen and the entire island of Amager. Or another track/anlage who loosely depicts the coal transports going from Kopenhagen Hafen to Valby Gaswerk - and the entire Kopenhagen GbH along. Anlagen that are typically 30-45 square km's big.

    I'll probably dare my skin and reputation and put up a few in the V7 Snapshot-thread in here. But look at them, not for details, but for grandiosity and functionality.

    Besides that I'm very keen to find a person or two, that are specifically interested in heavy industry and habour shipping. A person that I could swap ideas and tips/tricks with when building habours and plants. But I'm thinking more of sending files back and forth, with challenges, ideas and solutions between us. If you are interested in that, I can send you one or two of my anlagen, so you can see if I work in a way, that could be interesting for you.

    No matter what - thanks for the interest.

    All the best - and then some...

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