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  • Hello,

    This is my first post here. I am from Australia and am very interested in EEP TS Mission. Is there an english version? Do I need to have an internet connection to play the game or just for initial authentication? Is there a list of the scenarios in EEP TS Mission?

    Thank you,

    Damo :aa_1:

  • Thanks Goetz. I take it I would need one of the EEP series to run Timesaver?

    I have only tried MSTS, Train Simulator and Run8 so am very keen to try EEP. Other than Timesaver are there pre-built layouts that I can download into whatever the latest EEP version is around? I enjoy the running of trains but haven' really cottoned on to layout building. Many thanks for your replies to my questions.

  • Yes, Damo

    for the "Timesaver" layout, you'll need EEP - any version from 11 upwards.

    Pre-built layouts for EEP are available. Customer layouts as well as professional ones.

    The concepts of TS Mission and of EEP differ. While the focus of EEP is on creating your own layouts and then operating any train on it which ever way you see fit, TS Mission comes with fixed layouts and tasks to fulfill with the given engines.

    To gain a better understanding of EEP, maybe you'd like to take a peek at some of the tutorials:

  • Hi Goetz,

    Thanks for your assistance..I have now purchased EEP Train Sim Mission and have had a few quick runs...its very impressive! I am seriously looking at buying EEP11 especially if there are pre made layouts to download and run with it.

    Juts a quick question with EEP antivirus has shown that the EisenbahnNOW.exe has a trojan virus associated wit this right? I find it hard to believe that having downloaded the software from the EEP site it would have a virus attached.

    Hope you can help.



  • Hello Wombat61

    For your information all EEP versions come with example layouts and you can buy other layouts from the EEP shop, also you can find free layouts but these may require free models or shop bought models in order to use them. See some of the links available like Rockbaers Downloadbase shown in the links menu for free layouts/models. If your system can run it and it's in your price bracket then I would suggest going for EEP14 rather than EEP11. The English version of EEP14 is available here:|8079.html.

  • Hi Nelsok

    Thanks for the advice and links. Noting I have never played any EEP version or constructed a layout is there an earlier version of EEP that would suit my beginners status? Goetz has suggested EEP11. I really just want to dive in and run some pre made layouts first.



  • I would not say there is a beginners version. Each new version of EEP takes the previous version with its plug-ins and adds some new features and comes in two versions Expert & Basic. That is why I recommended EEP14 as you would have all the features from the previous versions along with those introduced with EEP14. However if you want to obtain some idea of working with EEP then look at Ruud Boer's tutorials on Youtube. Ruud's tutorials are in English too which I think there is about 80 - 90 and the version he is using is EEP10 but they are just as valid for the later versions. Goetz has a Twitch channel where he has tutorials using EEP14, these are done in either German or English. EEP10, 12 & 13 are the only versions that I know of that are available in English to buy and only on Steam. I am not aware of these versions being available in English from the EEP store. If EEP11 is available in English then that is news to me but Goetz would know that better than me, if that is what he recommends. EEP 11 would add LUA for controlling the layout but I am not certain if the basic version includes it as I have only used the expert versions from 10 upward and it was introduced with plug-in 2 for EEP10.

    The manual for Railroad X ( EEP 10 ) can be found here: http://cdn.edgecast.steamstati…20Manual.pdf?t=1447358628.

    Link for Ruud Boer's first tutorial is :

    Goetz Twitch channel can be found here: Note: this link might not work if Goetz has removed the video, which he does after a while. This video is in German

    Be prepared to learn as although I have been using the English versions 3, 7 ( bought here in the UK on cd ) & 10 ( bought on Steam as Railroad X ) along with the German versions 11,12,13 & 14 ( from the EEP shop all Expert versions ) after converting the necessary files to English using Google, however I must thank Goetz for supplying me with the official English versions of the files to compare with my translated efforts. I am still learning.

  • EEP 14 is now also available in English at our online store.

    English video tutorials are included in this version.

    The basic versions of all EEP editions are without a Lua editor.

    And I don't remove my Twitch broadcasts - Twitch does. After a fortnight every broadcast is deleted automatically. However, my short uploaded videos are not deleted.

  • Many thanks Goetz and Nelsok. You've both been very helpful. I think I'll go with EEP14. I'm very impressed with the detail in the EEP layouts and rollingstock.



  • Hello Goetz,

    Would you know if there are extra Missions for download or any new ones on the horizon? Is there any way to download free layouts into EEP Train Sim Mission?



  • Hi guys,

    I have been running EEP Mission and noticed in my layout seems to be missing missions no. 9,11, 12, 13 and 14. Are these activated once I complete preceding missions?

    Thank you


  • Some missions are combined into a single layout. That's why you have gaps in the numbering order.

    And yes, new missions are indeed on the horizon. Can't say more at this stage, but keep your eyes peeled :ae_1:

    Which one's your favorite mission so far?

  • Thanks Goetz. Glad there is more in the pipeline. I really like the detail and weathering of locos and rolling stock as well as the scenery and the sounds. You feel immersed in the scenery. I like the fact that I can actually drive the trains. My favorite mission? I've only got up to 5 so far but I thought no.2 because of the hump activity.

    I take it that only certain versions of EEP have driveable trains?

  • Hello to all,

    Hope you can help...recently my hard drive crashed and I could not recover any of the files, data etc. I have previously had EEP Mission loaded and it was working perfectly.

    I now have a new hard drive and I have installed EEP Train Simulator Mission. Now when I select the icon to make it start it does nothing.

    I still have all my emails and authentication codes form when I purchased EEP Train Sim Mission if I need to validate my licence.