The Transcontinental Railroad - a MiWuLa style diorama

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  • Good Mornig Dennis,

    it's an amazing video!!!!! :be_1:

    I guess you shall not be able to do this with 21 millions mouseclicks - it may be very very more than this....:bq_1::bq_1:

    But - great Idea and great work...

    Very Very Great....

    Grüße von Uwe aus der Lüneburger Heide:aq_1:

    "es ist und bleibt mein Hobby :bj_1:"

    Meine Modelle sind u. a. mit Texturen von entstanden.

    "One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with photographs from

    These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit for more information."

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    ... is the perfect title for this brilliant piece of Art!

    ... a wildhog turns into a german policeman... :an_1:

    The ability to bring an idea on the canvas.

    "The third Coen" is working with EEP.

    Just to figure out, how it feels to do a "lowest budget as possible" production.

    The quality is astonishing and we are allowed to be witnesses of Your "Eepolution" (Evolution)!

    You produce films. Nobody in this forum did this before, in this way and quality!

    Thank You for this experience, Dennis!

    Grets, Volkmar

    21 000 000 Likes, my friend!

  • Cheers guys

    The issue of "Representative Models" will be an issue on this track. I know. ;-)

    But I've set a deadline prox four months from now. And you know my build-tempo. I could do this track in 2-3 weeks. But this time I have included time to learn HomeNOS-basics, and even with non-NOS'ed models I will work in a sort of upside-down modus. Building scenes and making minimodels in a completely different way than I used to. Using models in ways that was clearly not intended, but still makes perfect sense on this anlage.

    And thanks for the words of the music. Those are stock string sections that I arranged together in Ableton. Much more fun, than just using an old soundtrack. So there will be around 2-3 hours work on music and sounddesign alone pr video.

    Ooooooh this will be fun. Dangerous and weird - like the "Hell on Wheels" back then. But huge fun...


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