How can I install custom track layouts from the Filebase in EEP?

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  • GOodevening,

    I have a question with respect to the downloads here on the EEP forum side. specially the EEP anlagen ab 7.

    I am probably not that bright but when I down load one (Sieben Taler) I get the zipfile

    what is the next step(s) to have this downloaded and see the results. Do I have to copy these files and bring them in my document files and open them with the installation. eep

    well that does not work,

    Can someone tell me who to get this working its probably simple, but you have to know it.

    thanks a lot


  • Hallo Rudy,

    die "Anlagen"-Downloads don't have an installation file (installation.eep). Open the zip-file and copy the content into the folder that contains your own layouts and the eep-included-layouts.




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  • Goodevening Michael,

    thanks for your answer but I am totally lost,

    1. I have opened the zipfile and then I copy this (blue)

    2, My foilder that contains my own layouts and eep are in the EEP 11 or 15) but that

    can not be opened when the zipfile is open so that does not work.

    3. When I move them into my down load files nothing happened.

    sorry but I am not good in this at all


  • Open the zip file

    select all files within that folder

    right click

    select copy

    navigate to your layout folder

    maybe create a new subfolder for the layout (recommended)

    enter that subfolder

    right click

    select insert

    and never ever show your email address in public!

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    - Joel -

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  • Dear Mr, Goetz,

    I am probably letter in my own work then doing this

    1. I select all files within the zip file.

    2. created a new subfolger for layout

    3. moved the files in there

    what then when I click on intall nothing happened. this is so fustrated

  • when I click on intall


    please read my list step by step, Rudy

    You missed a vital step right after selecting the files!

    On second thought:

    Please, get someone to sit beside you, who is experienced in basic file handling.

    With your lack of knowledge this is getting risky.

  • Ruud2210!

    Only open the zip-file is not enough. You have to extract the zip-files to an new folder. in this folder you can see five to ten files, ends with *.anl3, *.dds, *.bmp.

    This new Sieben Taler - folder you can copy to your EEP-Installation place under Resourcen\Anlagen\"sieben Taler-folder"

    Now it will do.

    Gruß, j.krae

    PS: 7zip is a very good tool to extract zip, arj and other archive-files

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  • well Dear Gentlemen, I am playing around now for more then 1 hours to get this done but with all the help and problem not understanding this I am still where I started.

    To copy the zipfile (blue) does not work I can copie this to..... sorry as usually EEP is for computer experts and not for people who like playing with this and get lost in endless problems which does not work.

    I tried and followed. Opened a new änlage: in EEP this time but I have no idea what is wrong,

    Thanks for the help, but as I mentioned before I am ot a computer expert and perhaps neer will be but these things already drive me mad.


  • once more Ruud2210 :

    please, find someone like a relative or a friend with basic PC knowledge to assist you at your computer.

    Anything else is too risky with your lack of knowledge and your difficulties to follow step by step precedures to the letter.