virtual tracks and triage

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    • hi

      I am new to eep I got eep 15 a few days ago.. I am trying to make my first few easy layouts ...

      one of the things I would like to do is ...

      delay the return of a train on a virtual track to have it return at a random time ...

      it is a single straight track in the back of my layout using virtual track to loop

      on that same track I would like to have different trains and also different directions

      my other project/question is...

      is there an easy way to create a triage yard that works ?

      my idea is to have a master train that goes around my map picking up items and bringing it to triage where it would be slit into small trains delivered in town then return reassemble into a master train and send it around again as though it was returning empty wagons or new items to other towns or depots

      any Ideas are welcome

      your new friend

      Pierre, newbee, from Quebec ,Canada

  • Hey Pierre,

    This be will a VERY short explanation - I'm at a party, and wanna go back for a beer, but...

    The thing you are looking for, is called a "Virtual Depot" in EEP.

    What you do in short is place some rails under the surface. On those rails you put a Vitual Depot Exit, and virtually connect the outgoing rail to the rails on you surface. You probably can't do it from this short explanation, but look for EEP videos of Virtual Depot. That can take you a bit of the way.

    And just a quick word of opinion. Nothing is EEP is easy compared to other Train Games. But it is much more detailrich and better focused on the train-part than anything else out there. And the community in here is loving and very strong. So prepare yourself for a bit of mountain-climbing. I'm halfway to the top, and the view from here is already astonishing...


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