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  • I need to use Road Crossings including all 3 types (T, X and Y). The difference I see between 1 thru 5 is the road type, the sidewalk and the switch configuration which I don’t understand. Any help on explaining these would be very useful.

    What’s the difference between East and West crossings, the manual cites they differ in the layout of the pedestrian lights. I don’t see any difference.

    Editing a contact for the crossing, effect indicates Switch 1, Switch 2, Drive 1, Drive 2 and next depending in which crossing is being queried. Are there any tutorials for Road Crossing?

    Additional, on page 79 of the EEP 15 manual, it looks like 4 lanes are involved in the picture of the X type crossing. If that’s true, I can’t locate any crossings with 4 lanes. Do I have to make this from 4 (1-lane) 3-way tracks?

    Looking forward to any help on the subject.

  • What’s the difference between East and West crossings

    The pedestrian lights show a little figure in standing resp. walking stance.

    These figures looked different in East and West Germany when the country was divided. After reunification, there was a brief attempt to replace the East-German "Ampelmännchen" with the West-German counterpart. An outcry in Germany's population led to a campaign to keep the two styles. Which is why the traffic lights of the set reflect that difference. It's hard to see, because the pictures are faint.

    Switch 1 and Switch 2 are the settings, where all cars have a green light for a specific turn direction. Half turn left, the other half turn right simultaneously. Drive 1 and drive 2 are the settings where one direction has green light for a straight crossing while the other one shows red.

    The complete cycle is unrealistic and only useful for "background noise" traffic. You may either set a time for the cycle using the object properties. Or you may select any of the four (unrealistic) settings manually via contact, Lua etc. To do so, set the frequency time to 0.

    For realistic crossroads, you'll need to lay your own roads, set up traffic lights, define a control system using contacts or Lua. EEP offers all required elements. But it's labour-intensive.

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  • Are there any Road Crossing examples that were made using contacts and/or Lua that I could possibly study.


    Try these three examples if you wish.

    They do require traffic lights from the shop, mind. The standard issue traffic lights aren't up to it.

    But it's enough to own one of the sets and study the appropriate layout, because they are basically the same. Li'l differences stem from the sorting order of the light displays.

    Also worth mentioning:
    In Germany, red is followed by a "red and amber" combination before the traffic lights switch to green, whereas green is followed by amber only so the driver can tell that red will be next to follow.

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  • Goetz: I downloaded your 3 files of Road Crossings. Unfortunately, I can only see a few vehicles, It seems that all the elements I have in EEP 15 are not the elements you used. You mentioned that the traffic lights came from the shop, what shop ID do I use to find those. Also the track Id's, 1637 and the structures.

  • Oh boy - seems I used more shop items for this one than I remember.

    Not ideal for a demonstration - I do apologise.

    The JS2 traffic lights used are from Ampel-Baukasten für mehrspurige Straßenkreuzungen

    The NP1 traffic lights ought to be from Ampel Set 1 and/or Ampel Set 02

    The DH1 set I used was most likely this one: Sparset Ampelsystem optimiert für Einspurstraßen

    And the streets are from NP1 - Stadtstraßen Set 1 and Stadtstraßen Set 2

    The cars don't matter. Use any that you have available.

    You may save the layout excluding rolling stock and then use the dedicated street in the bottom left corner to introduce your own cars into the traffic pattern.

    Equally, the houses are merely decoration and not required for the demo to function properly.

    You can use the "Missing Models" list to locate all required sets in the shop.

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  • Goetz: No apology needed. Several questions though.

    What are the two right angle roads on the lower left and the road at a 45 degree angle for? Is this the dedicated street, if so, how does that work?

    Where do I find "Missing Models", I think I know at one time, but have forgotten.

    Nice Lua code

  • What are the two right angle roads on the lower left and the road at a 45 degree angle for?

    only for decoration.
    They form the little park in front of the crossroads, which Roland Ettig kindly designed for me to give the demo a pleasing setting.

    The dedicated street for setting up cars is far away from this at the bottom left corner of the map. Select the "Aufgleisen" camera to locate it in 3D.

    how does that work?

    simply assemble all your favorite cars on that road, put them in motion and at the end of that road they'll hit a contact which adds them to one of the depots.

    Where do I find "Missing Models"

    in your "Resourcen" folder

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  • Dear Goetz,

    I downloaded your zip folder with "Lua gesteuerte Ampelanlagen" in the hope to learn from it.

    Many thanks for posting, your efforts and making it available to all of us.

    Extracted that folder in EEP 15 /Resourcen. Visible in the "file location" after that. Not in the game with "Neuer Anlage laden". After restart of windows it is gone in the "file location" too.

    What I'm doing wrong and do I need to load the LUA script separate and if yes, where to save it. (sorry never worked with LUA so far)

    Another weird thing, after buying and downloading some shop items, the "scanning new items" from the main menu it is maybe scanning, but the bar does not decrease and it say"s "not responding". After quite some time the little scanning window is gone. ???? The "new items" folder does not "empty" either, but all installed downloads are there. Any idea of the cause?

    (using the German edition of the program)

    As always, thanks for your help


  • Extracted that folder in EEP 15 /Resourcen

    Close, but no cigar.

    Move the contents - a subfolder named "Lua gesteuerte Ampelanlagen" - into your layout folder.
    Per default that is EEP 15/Resourcen/Anlagen

    Now you can select "Anlage laden" on the main screen, open the aforementioned subfolder and load one of the three layouts.

    That's all.

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  • I'm having problems downloading Ampel-Baukasten für mehrspurige Straßenkreuzungen from the shop.

    It seems to get to 17%, 53 min, 20 seconds and just stop. I've tried this several times with the same results.

    Any suggestions? I'm at a lose.


  • When I do as you suggested, I see your name. How do I respond to marler 1957.

    Also, it seems that I have forgotten my password to EEP. Yesterday, EEP sent me a password, I think it's a temporary password. Where on EEP can I reset that password to one I create?

  • Yes I did, only see your name.

    The password I was referring to is the one needed in the EEP Shop.

    I was able to download my recent orders after deleting browser cache. All is good now.

    Goetz, I think I remember looking at your 3 examples of a Road Crossing all the vehicles in a train yard.

    I can't seem to locate that any more. Hope I am not imagining it.