Lua function returning a table as a nice formatted string

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  • Hi,

    I created a function to return a table as a nice formatted string.

    I also included an iterator to sort the table.

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    Started in 2017 with EEP13, now using EEP16

    Groeten, Peter Nelissen :af_1:

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  • Hi Peter,

    I did something similar and showed the code in several messages starting here. The main differences to your code are:

    • I didn't worry about sorting.
    • I cared about re-creating the table from its textual representation.
    • And some more detailled stuff.

    By reading your source code, I expect some problems (not tested):

    • What, if a string itself contains an apostrophe?
    • What, if a table references itself (directly or indirectly)? Minimalistic example: a = {}; a[1] = a;
    • Tha name of your parameter full is somewhat misleading. sorted might be a better name?

    Nevertheless, a good start.



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