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  • Hallo Geoff,

    Zu einer Anlage gehören mindestens 4 *.bmp Dateien, es können und müssen aber auch 5 *bmp Dateien sein, Du hast leider deine verwendete EEP Version nicht genannt.

    Es müssen also diese Dateien vorhanden sein:








    Die drei *.dds Dateien müssen nur vorhanden sein wenn Du eigene von Dir erstellten Bodentexturen erstellt und verwendet hast.

    Sei doch bitte so nett und füge deine EEP Version als auch deine PC Konfiguration in deine Signatur ein. Dann erübrigen sich Fragen nach der verwendeten EEP Version und wir können Dir schneller bei weiteren Fragen helfen.


    Hello, Geoff,

    To an attachment belong at least 4 *.bmp files, but there can and must also be 5 *bmp files. Unfortunately, you have not named your used EEP version.

    So these files must be available:








    The three *.dds files must only be present if you have created and used your own ground textures.

    Please be so kind and add your EEP version as well as your PC configuration to your signature. Then you don't need to ask us which EEP version you used and we can help you faster with further questions.

  • Any ideas?

    Hi Geoff :)

    yes, it's very easy. The layout doesn't consist only of the ANL3 file, but of several other files which contain the textures and other information. Thus you have to copy all those files:

    • layout.ANL3
    • layoutB.BMP
    • layoutF.BMP
    • layoutH.BMP
    • layoutT.BMP
    • layoutAD.DDS
    • layoutAH.DDS
    • layoutAN.DDS
    • layout.LUA

    where layout is the name of your individual layout.

    Best regards all over the globe to Australia


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  • hi Geoff

    I cant add anything to the above comments but it's just nice to say hello to some who drives on the same side of the road as I do : ao_1:

    craig in Scotland

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    The more I learn, the more I realise I don't know.

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  • You're right Geoff. I hope you get that background sorted.

    I look at the station, and imagine you're about to build "The Ghan". That would be an amazing story to tell in EEP :-)

    All the best

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  • Hi again more specifically from a suburb called Seaford in South Australia in among the wine grapes. Thanks for that info. I see now that I needed to copy all the relevant files. That worked!

    The "Indian Pacific" train is good too. It goes from Perth at the Indian Ocean to Sydney at the Pacific Ocean (4 Days).

    Geoff J.:aq_1:

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