EEP 16 Installation question

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  • Problem geloescht.

    Ich habe EEP16 neu installiert (auf Deutsch !!!) und jetzt funzt alles normal.

    Danke fuer Eure Hilfe.:aq_1:

    Hi everyone, I bought and downloaded the EEP16 expert ISO and installed it seemingly without any issues or problems. After finishing the install I started it and the program runs in ENGLISH (not in German). I never got a question of preferred language, so my question now is: why.? And what can I

    do to set it to German. There seems to be no switch/setting with wich to control program language.

    EEP.6, EEP.7.5, EEPX4 AMDAthlon II X2 245 2.9GHz, 8 GB RAM, 4 TB Disks, nVidia 640GT 2GB FastRAM, Windows 7 Ultimate, 2x Viewsonic 24 inch widescreen HD (1920x1080p) monitor

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  • I never got a question of preferred language

    Hi Wijnand :)

    you should have got such a choice during installation.

    what can I do to set it to German. There seems to be no switch/setting with wich to control program language.

    That's true. After installation there is no chance to change the GUI language. You will have to un- and reinstall.

    Regards Ingo

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  • Just in case you need to know, you can change the language at any time. (perhaps you're not supposed to know)

    There is a file named eep.lng and also files named EEx_DE.lng, EEx_EN.lng an EEx_FR.

    Rename eep.lng to eepsave.lng then copy and alter EEx_DE.lng to eep.lng.

    This changes to German.

    Make sure to save all these files safely before trying this (backup somewhere away from main file - just in case)