DKW S54 190-1:9 DB elektrish Holz2

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  • Good afternoon all,

    This morning I read that the DKW from GK3 now also exists in a new version (2020) allowing simple command over KP. I was quite happy with that as all my rails are from GK3 but I could not control these DKW as LUA is not for me.
    So immediately I had to have the upgrade. As all my rails are in dark wood, I could find the item V16NGK30234 with dark wood in the pictures and in the text " mit schmutzigen Holzschwellen".
    The item is working perfectly and exactly what I needed, except that the color of the wood is as if it is from a brand new tree... OK, I installed it only a few hours ago and it is on a busy part but still, I think the color will not change over time :bo_1:

    So i think there is some mistake, please see the picture attached. Anything I can do about it please?
    Thank you in advance for your useful advise as I always could have in the past.


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  • Hallo Nong,

    the new DKWs are named as "Holz2". May this is different to models with "Holz". Not sure if this is an "accident"



  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your answer. And yes, you are right... there is such an Spline. But they do not seem to fit the description on the EEP shop "mit schmutzigen Holzschwellen" and also the pictures in the EEP shop for this item. Looks very strange to me as all my other switches are in the dark color... maybe this is an accident to do with the .ini file I wonder... :ay_1:

    Thanks anyway, very interesting remark...



    EEP 5 bis 16; Windows 10 Home ; CPU i7 2.93GHz, 16G RAM, 64bit, Geforce GTX750

  • If you check the number nong claims to have bought it clearly is the wrong texture. I'd check if you bought the right set and or if the 3dm names in the description match the ones you placed in the layout.

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  • Hallo nong

    Die DKW von GK3 ab V16.2 sind Tauschtexturfähig im

    Bereich der Schwellen. Im Installationspaket sollten 2

    Tauschtexturen sein. und .

    Es muss nur bei der DKW in den Modeleigenschaften beim

    ersten Lade Tauschtextur die passend DDS eingetragen


    WeicheSchwellen_TT2-H = Holz

    WeicheSchwellen_TT2-H2= Holz2

    in deinem Fall also

    Hello nong

    The DKW of GK3 from V16.2 on are exchangeable in the

    area of the sleepers. In the installation package should be 2

    exchange textures should be. and .

    It must be only with the DKW in the model properties with the

    first load exchange texture the suitable DDS must be entered

    be entered.

    Turnout sleepers_TT2-H = Wood

    SoftSleeper_TT2-H2= Wood2

    in your case therefore

    Translated with (free version)

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  • Yes, Hobbybahner, problem solved.

    Indeed, I have done as you say and now everything is as it should be.

    A really very good improvement to my railway.

    Thank you very much Hobbybahner, you have helped me a lot. And so quick.

    Have a great day further,


    EEP 5 bis 16; Windows 10 Home ; CPU i7 2.93GHz, 16G RAM, 64bit, Geforce GTX750