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  • Goodafternoon,

    I am looking for a bridge which doesnot need a so-called "Bahndamm". What I am looking for is the folloiwing a bridge which start with 0,00 m and then slowly climb up till 9 M. With the old 2.4 - 6 there was such a item. I have a track which will be going up from a station and accord different tracks. A bahn damm is not a solution for that.

    Is there anything like that



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  • Hey Rudi,

    I'm no expert in V6 models. But from your explanation it sounds like some of the bridge-splines could solve your challenge. Then you just have to add pillars yourself afterwards.

    Concrete version

    Iron version:

    Best of luck in your search

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  • Hey, you could also build it completely from scratch using the spline: Gleismauer Betonbrücke by BH2. It's modular and you can build the bridge how big you want it to be.


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