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  • There is version of the Tauschmanager.

    In addition to a few bug fixes, there are the following new features:

    The Tauschmanager contains a menu item for checking whether there is a newer version of the Tauschmanager.

    This version can be downloaded through the Tauschmanager.

    The track plan has a search function. This makes it possible to find splines, landscape elements, real estate, signals, switches and also track objects on the basis of their ID (similar to EEP).

    The description of the new possibilities can be found in the updated manual, which is also published in English. Thanks for the translation goes to Canadian .

    Here is the manual:eepforum.de/filebase/file/2133/

    Übersetzt mit Google / Translated with Google

    Gruß Holger

  • It's worth calling up the update function every now and then.

    Jürgen has released version

    Small changes:

    The IDs of turnouts and distant signals are now also displayed in the track plan.

    When checking for updates, if there is an update, the changes made by that update will be displayed.

    With this version release you can try out the update function.

    The download versions of the instructions here in the forum will only be adapted when the next major changes are made.

    Übersetzt mit Google / Translated with Google

    Gruß Holger

  • Hallo Holger !

    Bei mir wird nach dem Download V angezeigt. Ist das die neuste Version.

    Gruß manni48

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  • Ist das die neuste Version.

    Hallo Manni :)

    ja. HStoni54 hält uns im deutschen Faden Tauschmanager auf dem Laufenden.

    Gruß Ingo

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