EEP 17 3D View Slope Feature

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  • For some reason I can’t get the 3D view slope feature to work at all, it worked perfectly with EEP 16.

    I use the feature a lot and prefer to use it in the 3D view.

    Clicking on the slope icon produces the following message. “Position the mouse where you want the slope to begin. Holding down on the left mouse button, drag it to where you want the slope to end, then release the mouse button. Using the “Intensity” slider controls the slope width”. Nothing happens when I do the above.

    Please tell what I’m doing wrong.

  • Yes, same problem here but without the message. The slope function does not work in 3D, just the one quadrant that normally can be pulled with the left mouse button to the chosen position, however, nothing happens.
    t does work in 2D but it's not the same.

    Hope it can be fixed soon, I like using it a lot.

    Tried other landscape functions in 3D, they seem to be okay.

    Thank you,


    Windows 10, I-7-8700K, GTX1070,

    RipJaws V Series 64Gb DDR 4 3600,

    1x HDD, 2x SSD, 1x 144Hz Display, 1x 60Hz Display.


    Windows 10,CPU:I-7-8700K,GPU:GTX1070, Memory:RipJawsVSeries 64Gb DDR 4 3600,

    1x HDD, 2x SSD, 1x 144Hz Display, 1x 60Hz Display. Eep12-17Expert(x64)

  • Hope it can be fixed soon

    Hi Robert :)

    Patch 2 should be released within a few days.

    Regards Ingo

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