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    Hi Nolie

    Change the ini file for the model

    With this model as far as i can determine only one axis is editable and I have changed it into English, its not a huge problem as I understand some German through using EEP like words "tuerLinks" will operate doors on the left ;) But with EEP 15 soon to be realised as multi lingual platform it would be nice to see the axis fields in the relevant language French, Polish or English, or at least be able to edit them this would greatly assist new users to EEP get more enjoyment from the model. I know that you as a constructor are diligent in this regard as are many others but sadly not everyone is or maybe they not fully aware that EEP is now a fully international version with users all over the world.

    Craig :)

    Hi everyone

    I don't like to comment negatively on models because of the enormous time and effort that goes into construction, this model has a lot of good points that I do like it has passengers, opening doors on both sides which makes for a more authentic look and a nice sound when driven and Changeable destinations, the only negative I can see is that the model axis are only in German as I like to change them into English as soon as I install but I am unable to do so but then it helps me to understand German words so its not really a negative point.


    From windswept Scotland :bj_1:

    Online Translation .. (please forgive me if it is incorrect)

    Hallo zusammen

    Ich mag es nicht, Modelle negativ zu kommentieren, wegen des enormen Zeit- und Arbeitsaufwands, der in den Bau geht, dieses Modell hat viele gute Punkte, die ich mag, wenn es Passagiere hat, Türen auf beiden Seiten öffnet, was für ein authentischeres Aussehen und einen schönen Klang beim Fahren und wechselnde Ziele sorgt, das einzige Negativ, das ich sehen kann, ist, dass die Modellachse nur in Deutsch ist, da ich sie gerne ins Englische umwandle, sobald ich sie installiere, aber ich kann das nicht, aber dann hilft es mir, deutsche Wörter zu verstehen, so dass es nicht wirklich ein negativer Punkt ist.


    Aus dem windgepeitschten Schottland

    Online-Übersetzung... (bitte verzeihen Sie mir, wenn sie falsch ist) Übersetzt mit

    I have just put my online translator in the rubbish bin ... I am not sure what rude things I might have been saying all this time : Ay_1:: As_1:

    2.1m is the height I would construct a door at .. patio doors can generally be constructed to suit the opening :) But in my humble opinion if it looks good, then it generally is good. and this looks good :be_1:

    I am not sure what dimensions your windows and door are ( I think someone commented on them ) .. but they look good to the eye and in proportion in this image. looks great

    Craig : Aq_1:

    Hi Michael

    I like you idea with the backgrounds, it would suit my style of building where attention is given to the track and nearby surroundings and I could insert one of your backgrounds to complete the model. I hope your testing is productive and we can see a finished model in the shop soon.


    online translation (I know you can read and speak English perfectly)

    Ich mag deine Idee mit den Hintergründen, sie würde zu meinem Baustil passen, wo die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Strecke und die nahe Umgebung gelenkt wird. Ich hoffe, dass Ihre Tests produktiv sind und wir bald ein fertiges Modell in der Werkstatt sehen können.

    Besteht an sowas Interesse

    I am interested, I am sure it would enhance any model layout with a very pleasing effect.

    Craig .. from Scotland

    Online translation

    Ich bin interessiert, ich bin sicher, dass es jedes Modelllayout mit einer sehr angenehmen Wirkung verbessern würde.

    Craig ... aus Schottland

    Finally I manage to import a simple model I made in Blender and then Exported it to HomeNos then exported it to EEP14 . Now I get this message displayed below each time the model is loaded it might be nothing but I am doing something wrong during the process or is this normal with models that a person can make?

    Thanks Craig.

    Hi everyone

    I am looking for a model to competent the model V10NSW10017 animated escalator I have searched in the shop but i cant seem to find a suitable model so far.

    I am hoping someone in the forum has seen one, or something else that might be useful.

    This is the project i am working on to give a better idea of what i am looking for

    This blender image is something what i am looking for to fit between the escalators

    thanks Craig

    Wonderful .. thanks for posting your images and creating a beautiful model. I am fortunate enough to sill to be able to travel on one of these old paddle steamers.

    In the picture below the Waverley PS has summer sailings around the firth of Clyde in Scotland

    online translation

    Wunderbar.... danke für die Veröffentlichung Ihrer Bilder und die Erstellung eines schönen Modells. Ich habe das Glück, mit einem dieser alten Raddampfer reisen zu können.

    Im Bild unten hat die Waverley PS Sommerabfahrten rund um den Fjord von Clyde in Schottland.

    Greetings Craig

    Hallo Nandi

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your layout, the size of it does sound daunting but i await further posts with interest


    In not so sunny Scotland

    Online translation

    Ich freue mich darauf, mehr von Ihrem Layout zu sehen, die Größe klingt erschreckend, aber ich erwarte weitere Beiträge mit Interesse.

    Craig Im nicht so sonnigen Schottland