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    Warum muss Jeder seine Zeit verplempern und Teile machen die ein Anderer schon fertig hat.

    die für mich völlig logisch sind... Ich hoffe, jemand hört sich diese großartige Idee an.

    Online translation

    that make complete sense to me .. I hope someone listens to that great idea

    Craig in sunny Scotland :)

    Benny (BH2)

    der Schrank ist sehr spärlich, wenn es um amerikanisches Rollmaterial geht... und ich würde gerne einen oder mehrere sehen... sogar 1 Kastenwagen mit einer Textur könnten wiederholt werden und er ist so vielfältig.....

    the cupboard is very sparse when it come to American rolling stock .. and I would love to see one or to more .. even 1 box cars with a texture could be repeated and it be so varied

    Craig :)

    Thanks for your information Michael

    I must admit it took me a while to understand that you could import 2 objects in one axis,:ma_1: I was going to ask for clarification but I just persevered and it seemed to work:be_1:

    Made a short YouTube video if anyone wants a peek :ao_1:

    Craig (American Railroad Freak):at_1:


    It is a daunting programme at times but I have to add the amount of help and assistance I have received has been boundless and very very much appreciated, And I would like to thank all who have assisted me,

    So if you need any assistance .. on Anything , Lua, Models, ideas on how to improve building layouts , the people who use this forum and only too willing to assist.

    so Just ask and maybe your joy will return

    Craig :ae_1:

    Hi Rudy

    I Have to agree with you, myself being a long time user since EEP4 , I think a better way to look at it is that EEP has something for everyone for those who are creative who like to make layouts as real a possible and as you Lovingly call them (computer freaks) they can write complicated programs and can control traffic and trains in very complex ways and they enjoy that.

    I think you are asking if you your buy EEP 16 or not .. I would wait for more information on what EEP16 contains and see if it suits your needs.

    As to lack of models I feel your pain here .. I would rather buy models of interest to me than upgrade my version of EEP , I have always enjoyed North American railroads for a couple of reasons the mixture of freight cars you can have and at one time almost every industry was rail served, so I have 8 locomotives and 2 wood hoppers that I can buy :( so I am trying to go down the route of building my own models and bringing them into EEP.

    Its no easy task and I have so much to learn but hopefully I will have some rolling stock and freight cars in the future.

    Now I have turned your question into my moans and groans but bottom line is I get so much pleasure from the programme even with the lack of models.

    Maybe trend with listen and invest in new models relevant to our needs, I do believe this programme would be used worldwide if it was marketed properly.

    Craig In Scotland


    Thank you for that link to the thread ...and it was to say the least confusing :ma_1:

    but this is Nos and not for the faint hearted I will try again over the weekend hopefully with more success. Once I get the lights flashing alternately then i have to get a bell sound installed but only when the signal has the stop light activated.

    wish me luck :)

    Craig in Scotland

    Its all right for you guys .. we have to contend with Boris too :ao_1:

    if you understood the system

    I use to say to colleagues "I'm not as stupid as I look" but after watching your Video over 15 times pausing at parts I though might assist me rewinding them and playing it again .. I have to admit Im as as stupid as i look :) but on the bright side I have a working signal with Flashing lights .. do they flash alternately NO .. but it is a start and your video did help


    I have contacted constructors in the past about models, this is not an easy one line answer to my question, someone has to be willing to assist and I don't want to impose , so i would rather I had willing response here in the forum if possible if it is written it German that is fine.


    Hi Michael

    Thanks for you reply .. I did look at this video .. unfortunately is it very fast moving and I don't understand oral German or written for that fact but i use online translators to assist .


    Hello everyone

    I am trying to bring an old project I had over a Year ago into EEP ..

    This is a newly made model (Made in Blender) of how a gantry style signal should look , I am a but confused how this model should work as it has no moving parts only light that change, Now I understand this could be a complex answer with my knowledge of HomeNos so far but may not.

    I have made the signal lights separate but i have not textured them ..(I think the colouring is done in HomeNos ) is this correct?

    I think i need an axis called "Signal" but as I have not moving parts ..:ao_1: this is confusing

    now is as this progresses I will have more questions ..

    so what I have done thus far

    the gantry is the base model

    then a light signal and I assigned "Signal No 10 (14)" this is where i think the colour is applied ?

    any assistance would be most helpful

    Ich erinnere mich, dass dieser letzte Film, als mein Vater einen "Ford Anglia" hatte, mir viele Erinnerungen zurückbringt.

    Ich liebe diese Bilderserie :)

    Craig in Schottland

    I remember when my dad had a "Ford Anglia" this last picture brings back a lot of memories to me.

    I am the loving this series of images :)

    Craig in Scotland

    Hello Domi

    I am also disappointed with Trend, one would have thought that out of politeness they would have answered you at least to explain why their boots are stuck in the mud.

    I wish to thank you for all your hard work , I know this was no small task.

    I wish you all the best in what you do: Aq_1:

    Craig in Scotland

    looks great Denn

    Love all you TT and aircraft logos you could also have a Ryanair in you fleet. Not sure Michael O'leary would be happy to see one of his aircraft so close to the terminal building , most of his aircraft stop at the edge of the runway and you need to walk the last few kilometers.: AD_1:

    keep the pictures coming Denn I love them all : Bg_1:


    Now you have the saved block .. place on your layout and right click the block in 2D mode and adjust the Z value to the desired height. for example if your original track was laid at 0.3m and you wanted your new block to be 1m adjust the z value to 0.7 and your new track height will be at 1m.

    hope this helps

    Craig :)