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    Hi There

    As far as I know if you have a signal on a track, the signal needs to be moved first or slid to an adjacent track to allow that section of track to be altered in any way. Even if there is a contact point on a section of track this still needs to be moved or removed before any track work can be altered.


    hola Javier

    No entiendo del todo su petición, pero veo que le interesan las locomotoras norteamericanas como a mí. Si es así, ¿cuál es la locomotora que desea construir? ¿Ha found alguna imagen en Internet que le ayude con su diseño?

    Si desea construir cualquier modelo para su uso en EEP necesitará algunos conocimientos en Blender 2.79 y adquirir algunas habilidades de modelado con el uso de texturas y hacer un buen uso de los videos de YouTube sobre el tema para ayudar a su progreso.

    Luego, después de eso, tendrá que comprar HomeNos para dar vida a su modelo y utilizarlo en EEP.

    Pido disculpas si mi respuesta no es clara y si necesitas más información sólo tienes que pedirla. He utilizado un traductor, espero que sea correcto.

    Traducción realizada con la versión gratuita del traductor

    Hello Javier  

    I dont fully understand your request but I see you have an interest in North American Locomotives as I have . Do you wish to Build a Locomotive? if so which one. have you sourced any images from the internet to help you with your design?

    If you wish to build any model for use in EEP you will need some knowledge in Blender 2.79 and acquire some modelling skills with using Textures and make good use of YouTube videos on the subject to assist your progress.

    then after that you will need to purchase HomeNos to bring your model to life and use it in EEP.

    I apologise if my answer is unclear and if you need further information just ask . I have used a translator I hope it is correct.


    Gärtner (MH3)

    Hi Michael

    I'm in you debt again, the additional axis for the glass worked but coupling the axis did not strangely it made the glass sit at an odd angle to the model . I did try this myself before and it never worked but I never had the SortToViewer settings or SortByAxis maybe a combination of both was required in my case.

    Danke :)

    Hi Everyone

    Hope you are safe and well

    I have been constructing a EMD 15AC Diesel Switcher its a model I hoped to have in my collection for some time now.

    The main issue is the cab windows I have a driver in an axis using the _DriveDirF & _DriveDirR and since doing this my windows are no longer visible or if I play about in homeNos my train driver are no longer visible and and windows are. I have tried the "SortToViewer" And "SortToViewerLevel" both to 1

    I am thinking it has to do with the additional axis in the cab that has some affect but I am not 100% thats why I am here looking for assistance.

    depends on the camera angle Whether the driver is visible or not : ma_1:

    Craig : af_1:

    The overview image looks really good in particular the Rail Track layout, I struggle with getting a good station with sidings and it is all EEP's fault I can put in as much track as I want then it just looks a mess LOL.

    I do hope your system is up to the challenge :)


    Das Übersichtsbild sieht wirklich gut aus, vor allem die Gleisanlage, ich kämpfe damit, einen guten Bahnhof mit Abstellgleisen zu bekommen und es ist alles EEP's Schuld, ich kann so viele Gleise einbauen wie ich will, dann sieht es einfach nur unordentlich aus LOL .

    Ich hoffe, Ihr System ist der Herausforderung gewachsen :)



    Hello again Peter

    I am getting an error in the code, I have not changed anything just copied and pasted into a test layout.

    I know that a simple comma in the wrong place or even omitted can mess it up ( But my knowledge is zero)

    I need to start understanding this code and most of the help videos for EEP are in German so I have ordered a book from amazon ( I hope it helps )

    Cheers Craig

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your reply

    The Traffic lights I use are this set V13NDH10053 by DH1 this tram lights are this free model V80MA1F003 by MA1

    My understanding of the code is limited as in insert numbers of signal ids and the duration i want the the signal to be clear for (at Green)

    I can see it has 4 phases .. so I am thinking I would need possibly 8 phases I could possible make it the old fashioned way with hidden circuit and contact points :ay_1:

    Hi Everyone

    It would be helpful to non-German-speaking users If it had an English translation, But I don't think this is the responsibility of the constructor to do.

    Greetings Craig

    Hallo zusammen

    Es wäre für nicht deutschsprachige Benutzer hilfreich, wenn es eine englische Übersetzung gäbe, aber ich denke nicht, dass dies in der Verantwortung des Konstrukteurs liegt, dies zu tun.

    Grüße Craig

    Hi Everyone

    I hope you are all safe.

    I need some assistance please with a 4 way road crossing and a Tram intersection too :ao_1: The image below might assist to what I am trying to achieve.

    I was given a Lua code for traffic lights where I just inputted my Signal numbers and let it run. now I wish to add trams to my crossing (to me this is complex, but it might be easy for you experts )

    Here is the code I use for Traffic lights

    The first 4 numbers are road signal Ids the last 3 are the tram signals {44,36,42,43,46,45,34,}, I want to be able to adapt this code for other intersections if possible. I had to cut off part of the code because my message was too long

    Any assistance is gratefully appreciated

    Craig :aq_1:

    Hi Tony

    Yes you can delete them

    go into you windows directory where your eep version is stored

    C:\Trend\EEP15\Resourcen\Anlagen this is where my track plans are stored on my computer you might have installed your version of EEP in another drive "D" for example then look in Resourcen then Anlagen all your layouts are stored there.

    Craig :)