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    Noch sehr unzufrieden bin ich mit der EEP-eigenen Geräuschkulisse

    Hi Michael

    I too agree that in some instances the background noise to totally inappropriate to the model or setting, with some situations constant bird chirping would be acceptable (trying to think) an ornithological reserve for example. Maybe this is an area Trend could look at and improve with various sounds to suit the setting?

    I am sure someone more informative than me would have a fitting answer.


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    Hallo Michael

    Auch ich stimme zu, dass in einigen Fällen das Hintergrundgeräusch völlig unangemessen für das Modell oder die Umgebung ist, in einigen Situationen wäre ein ständiges Vogelgezwitscher akzeptabel (versuchen zu denken), zum Beispiel ein ornithologisches Reservat. Vielleicht ist dies ein Bereich, den Trend betrachten und mit verschiedenen Sounds verbessern könnte, um der Umgebung gerecht zu werden?

    Ich bin sicher, dass jemand, der informativer ist als ich, eine passende Antwort hätte.


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    I´m some curious that just you calling me inspiring

    It is simple .. when I look at your creations then I look at my efforts, I see I have a lot to learn so you inspire me to do better and I thank you for that.

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    Es ist einfach. Wenn ich mir deine Kreationen ansehe, dann schaue ich mir meine Bemühungen an, ich sehe, dass ich viel zu lernen habe, also inspirierst du mich, es besser zu machen, und ich danke dir dafür.



    I wish you every success on your quest to stop smoking

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    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei deinem Bestreben, mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören.


    Ich wusste nicht, dass Bob Symes Österreicher ist... Ich nahm immer fälschlicherweise an, er sei Engländer.:ay_1:

    Craig in Snowy Scotland :af_1:

    Hi pierre

    Nice to have a new member in the forum. Welcome.

    I hope you have found all the answers to your questions so far, If not they are many members willing to help if you require it.

    Just ask :aq_1:

    Craig in Scotland

    Hello EEP Fan

    I know this layout lacks locomotives or any kind form of transportation, it does not lack any of your creative skills to produce a picture perfect scene. wonderful.:bn_1:

    Craig in Scotland

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    Ich weiß, dass es in diesem Layout an Lokomotiven oder jeglichen Transportmitteln mangelt, es fehlt nicht an Ihren kreativen Fähigkeiten, eine bildschöne Szene zu produzieren. wunderbar.

    Craig in Schottland

    Hi Jwalt

    go to view .. scroll down to "View 2D window" look for railway editor for example then in the sub menu deselect what you wish to see in 2D mode . so only when you are in Railway edit mode structures wont appear .. if you are in road edit mode your structures will be visible.

    hope that is kinda clear

    Craig :aa_1:

    Benny (BH2)

    thank you for your response Benny .

    So I was reading the wiki pages ... (trying to) .. I did see you could assign tracks but as you say it is moving object, so by default it is invisible. I assumed i was doing something wrong when i got the wrong reading in the reference points.

    But thank you again :) .. i will try and construct a track on my bridge :)


    I require some direction if possible .. I am Making a swing Bridge .. I have imported it from blender into HomeNos the bridge rotates on the axis as intended. I now get an error when set reference points .. the swing bridge is 52M in length -720 is the first -x reference point and 4480 is the second I get an error here in HomeNos showing the wrong value(-2147.483648) but the reference points display correctly on the model . I have tried to change the values so the -4480 is the first -x value but this does not display correctly on the model .

    I carried on and imported into EEP .. and it wont display a track .. but the 2d image is showing a track.

    What am I doing wrong ??


    Hi everyone

    I have just started process of constructing a Swing Bridge I saw in a satellite image in the Chicago area. After some more research I found these images on a website.

    As the images below show its just starting I am using array and mirror modifiers so at present I am just working with a very small section. I dont have any physical dimensions to work with I am attempting to get the model to look and feel right.

    the question I would like assistance with is do I need to construct the rails and plates as many bridges within EEP select the rail style you are using previously. and if so how is this accomplished within HomeNos.

    PS as jwalt2065 mentioned yesterday some sub sections might be useful within the English Speaking corner as it is slowly growing

    Possibly a few sub sections "Installation of EEP and Models " Track and road construction Signals and LUA Texture section and Blender and HomeNos. :ae_1:



    Hello and welcome

    I dont have any German either, Post your questions here in the English speakers corner and someone will help you. Just for information that might assist you , use Google chrome as your web browser and it will translate German into English .. I find it very useful reading posts in other threads.

    I hope you have a many enjoyable hours with EEP as i have.

    Craig in Scotland