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    My layout, developed with EEP 16 uses the track style “Gleis1435 Schiefe_Ebane”. I found this model listed under 2D view rail tracks. Using the 3D view of Track (splines) does NOT indicate that style.. With EEP 17, I can’t find that model in either 2D or 3D views, yet know it must be somewhere because it doesn’t indicate an unknown model.

    Employing the file manager, both EEP 16 and EEP 17 are located in directory Trend. Querying that directory for the above model produces ONLY found in EEP 16 but NOT in EEP 17. I sure don’t understand what is occurring. I’ve also tried using the find feature in 3D view (entering only “1435”) , again without success. Neither EEP 16 or EEP 17 could find the model using this 3D feature.

    I would like to know the best method to find any model. Please advise.

    For some reason I can’t get the 3D view slope feature to work at all, it worked perfectly with EEP 16.

    I use the feature a lot and prefer to use it in the 3D view.

    Clicking on the slope icon produces the following message. “Position the mouse where you want the slope to begin. Holding down on the left mouse button, drag it to where you want the slope to end, then release the mouse button. Using the “Intensity” slider controls the slope width”. Nothing happens when I do the above.

    Please tell what I’m doing wrong.

    Reinstalled EEP 17 with some problems from kaspersky that we overcame. It's now registered and I'm using it.

    Many thanks to all of you for your patience and consideration.

    This case is now closed.

    To schlingo

    In case of an uncomplete installation, I suggest that schlingo will give you more advice how to proceed with a new installation, as he is more familiar with this problem.

    Is there anything different about a new installation vs the initial installation? Any advice?

    I remember when we installed EEP 16, we had to force Kasperspy to accept some files that it thought were Trojan-horses.

    I have EEP 17 installed and the registration code for it. I also have a new password which I got from Trend using procedure that Gerhard provided. Clicking on the EEP 17 icon, NOTHING HAPPENS. It won’t open. I’ve tried to run it as an administrator, no success there either. I installed EEP 17 on Oct 30, which is prior to your opening date. Also, my invoice Kundennummer : 00021#####


    Bestellnummer : 004617###

    Rechnungsnummer : 004545###

    Rechnungsdatum : 10/29/2021

    Shop Bestellnummer : 00000000615###

    Purchase of EEP 17 $$$$$$

    Invoice also included the registration code.

    Maybe this has something to do with the problem

    I don’t know where or how to enter the registration code.

    Thanks Gerard for your excellent response.

    My main issue is to get EEP 17 registered.

    I have EEP 17 fully installed and I have the registration code for it. Only problem that I know of is getting it registered.

    Should I uninstall it and download it again? I'm at a lost on this.

    Eagerly seeking some help.

    I too, am having difficulties registering EEP- 17. I downloaded and installed the program on Oct 30. This was prior to your official opening.

    I was amazed when I installed the program not problems were encountered (had file problems with EEP 15 and 16). My AV is Kaspersky. I do have the registration code for it.

    Maybe I should download it again and see what happens.

    If part of the registration procedure is to enter my password, that will be troublesome as I forgot what it is. Can you supply a step by step routine on how to enter a new password.

    Perhaps Trend can register it for me. Sorry to ask, but I’m 84 years old and simply not as sharp as I once was.

    Looking forward to getting EEP 17 running as I will thoroughly enjoy using it.

    Having this forum is wonderful and all responders do a great job.

    Eagerly waiting on Nov 10 to register EEP 17. So far, no password problems, Old one is still working even if I can't remember what it was.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Sincerely chuck

    To Nicci 53.

    I installed EEP 17 without any problems.

    Now I'm having trouble registrating the product and can't even get into my account on the shop.

    I can't remember my passwood. EEP has sent me passwood requests, but I don't see where to enter that code.

    I will be GLAD when this whole effort is over.

    I've downloaded the ISO file, do I also have o download the download file?

    Also, do I need to turn OFF Windows Smart Screen as mentioned in one of the previous threads as I am using Foxfire and Kaspersky AV?

    I remember when we installed EEP 16 we had problems with one or two files,

    I just ordered the download version of EEP 17. When I log in to the EEP shop and look at my purchases, I see EEP 17 BUT I don't see anything in the version column and in the download column, I only see "Publication 10-11-2021. I don't see any download capabilities.

    Sorry to be such a bother, but I'm having troubles, maybe my 84 years of age.

    I accidentally ordered EEP 17 program in a metal box. I wanted to be able to just download it. Is there anyway to change my order to a download order rather a metal box.

    Having a hard time with a purchase. I used to have a PayPal account, but that account has been closed. The steps i take are as follows.

    1. Place desired models into the cart.

    2. Click on I am an existing client.

    3. Proceed to checkout.

    4. Click on PayPal.

    5. I don't see any provision for paying with a credit card or debit card. It only offers me to pay with PayPal.

    6. Is there someone I can talk to, i speck an read ONLY English.

    7. Is there someway to change the billing info on my EEP account?

    Yesterday, I placed 4 items into the cart. When I went to checkout, I only see 3 options.

    They are:

    1. SOFORT. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS, i can't read German if thats what this is.

    2.. PAYPAL

    3. EEP Credits.

    I want to buy these items using a credit card, which I understand I can do (got this from your FAQ). I don’t see any option for this type of payment.

    Please advise.

    i have an order number if that's any help.