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    Hallo liebe EEP'lern...

    Ich bin nicht Deutsch. Also dieser ist vieleicht nur mir, das ist die fehler. Aber...

    In die Trend-shop ein model (V10NJE10035) hast dieser angebot deal:

    "6-teiliges Fahrzeugset zum Vorzugspreis für Stammkunden

    Wenn Sie folgende Modellsets im Bestand haben, dann können Sie Ihren Fuhrpark exklusiv um ein weiteres Set zum Vorzugspreis erweitern.
    V10NJE10007 Mercedes LP 322 Planenaufbau Lindgrün
    V10NJE10015 Mercedes LP 322 Planenaufbau Beige
    V10NJE10017 Mercedes LP 322 Pritschenaufbau Waldmühle
    V10NJE10018 Mercedes LP 322 Planenaufbau DB "

    In dieser bild collection kan man deutlich sehen das Ich alle die modelle haben. Aber die "Download (Buy the product)" funktion ist in-aktiv. Ich kan nicht diese angebot einlösen.



    Es sieht toll aus Uwe. Wir brauchen immer mehr Boote und Schiffe in EEP.

    Wenn Sie also fragen, ob wir es brauchen und wollen: Die Antwort von mir ist ja.

    Ich habe jedoch einen Vorschlag mit Relevanz für den Verkehr auf den Flüssen. Im Dezember hat Thomas (TB1) ein weihnachtliches Freemodell namens "Schute" in 2 Versionen erstellt. Aber beide als Immobilien. Ich denke, dass ein Schute als Rollmaterial einige interessante Szenarien mit einem Bugsier, der 5-10 Schutes schleppt, machen könnte.

    Achtung: Übersetzt mit (Missverständnisse können auftreten)


    Es könnte unrealistisch sein, wenn man es aus einer Perspektive betrachtet. Aber in einer anderen Perspektive (die FührerStandMitfahrt-Perspektiv) nähert es sich tatsächlich der Realität, mit der längeren Zeit zwischen den Haltestellen, wo man "richtiger" Zeit hat, die Umgebung zu geniesse. Die Anlagen von Makinista verwenden ein wenig das gleiche Konzept. Ideal für FSM....

    VG Denn

    Hallo DerAlte (Ich liebe das TV-serie)

    Vielen dank für deine antwort. Ich habe 1½ jahre Eigenerfarhrung Anlagen zu bauen.

    Mein anlage-bauen ist ein bischen alternativ - Ich baue primaere fremdartige anlagen von Afrikanische und Asiatische länder. Und anlagen von mein Heimort - Dänemark. (Die ursache mein slechte Deutsch.)

    Mein andere präferance ist Hafen und Industrieanlagen.

    So, Wenn ich Track in Vollversionen kaufe, dann vor allem für die Sondermodelle im Paket. Natürlich öffne ich die Strecke und schaue nach Tipps und Ideen - aber mein Grund, Euros einzubringen, sind die Modelle.

    Ich hoffe, das verdeutlicht, wer ich bin und was ich suche.

    VG Denn

    Hallo alle liebe EEP'lers

    Ich suche anlagen (voll-versionen) mit möglichst vielen Marinemodellen. Alternativ interessante Güterzüge, Autotransporte oder andere interessante Dinge, die meine Modell-Liste erheblich erweitern könnten.

    Ich habe diese Anlagen schon gekauft:


    Winter kommt bestimmt

    Dreileben und


    Jeder in der Runde, der ein paar gute Vorschläge für mich hat....?

    Alles Gute


    Übersetzt mit

    It can absolutely be a good idea for some, with the build-in economic challenges seen in Train-Sims. But in my opinion it is important that it is in some add-on, or separated from the main game. What makes EEP unique in the game world, is that it doesn't have that challenge. That it is pure 100% creativity. I can stress down in EEP. But if you build in a stress-factor, I can't use it to release tension anymore.

    But still a good idea - just not for me.

    Hallo TransEuropa

    What puzzles and hurts me, is that the responses from MEF/Trend represetatives indicates, that they really don't like TT's themselves and feel that MEF is a better place, if it got rid of TT's.

    It is quite annoying that you insinuate that we, the team do not like TTs. We use and like the possibility to adapt objects, rolling stock etc, to personalise our layouts, I myself quite often. What we do not like and what we will not accept is, that copyrights and regulations which protect the intellectual property are violated. From my point of view we practise politeness and respect if we honour the efforts of others by following such regulations.

    Sorry to have annoyed you. And I'm sorry if I get things the wrong way around. But German is not my native tongue, and the only three answers in English in this (rather important thread), has been questions I asked. Nothing has come to really put an international user up to speed about what is happening. If I was "just some user" who wanted to join the bandwaggon, with his opinion, I might understand why you ignore international users. But fact is, that I was an active partipant in the thread that has started all this. Because no-one told ME anything, I went in and voluntarily erased every single TT-holding picture. Not to safeguard me, but to safeguard MEF. I have more than streched my hand out to meet your troubeling issue constructively.

    That said my main concern was the a 200 post long thread, was (as far as my German goes) all concerning rules, money, legal stuff. The issue concerning how this will affect creativity in the game, doesn't seem important. And I know for a fact, that there are serious "banging on the pipes" behind the curtains, that many members are not even sure, that TT will be a paert of the game in the future or not. So I thought I would be the crazy, non-understanding, Dumme Däne, and ask a question, I know some people think are the real question.

    That you now refuse it so categorically makes me happy. I know, that I now look like a complete fool for asking, I knew that risk when I asked. So I can only regret to have made you angry or annoyed at the same time. That was not the intent. But I hope you can understand, that I feel much better now, after you said that. So eventhough I said something bad , that annoyed you, I hope you some time can look back, and say that I actually cleared a question, that is rather natural after a thread debate like this one. 200 posts in under two days - this is no small issue to people and they are worried.

    But again, sorry for not picking up everything. I wish I could speak better German, but I can't.

    All the best and I truely hope you stay clear of any trouble.

    Good questions Byronic.

    But in my view, this is solved in an instant. Trend says no TT-pictures on MEF, we move that traffic and pictures to another place. No big deal.

    What puzzles and hurts me, is that the responses from MEF/Trend represetatives indicates, that they really don't like TT's themselves and feel that MEF is a better place, if it got rid of TT's.

    So if I want to ask one single question to every MEF moderator or Trend representative in here is: "Hand on heart (and the bible this time) - do you as a MEF-moderator or Trend-representative personally prefer TauschTexturing to stay in EEP, or do you prefer that it doesn't exist anymore?"

    This question is what a good part of us want's to know about. Really.

    The only thing really weird to me in this discussion is, that no-one really talks about how much this will hurt the game and the DNA of the game: Creativity.

    We talk about how it could hurt Trend, and holders of private EEP-portals. The loyalty in here towards Trend Verlag is admirable. But to be honest, I'm too new to be loyal to Trend Verlag og MEF. My main love EPP has 99% to do with idea behind the game itself - creativity.

    But what will it do to the game if TT'ing is removed? Well the impact will be different from person to person, but to pretend that TT isn't a big part of the creativity in EEP would be mad.

    In the short year I have been in here, I have seen more than one person move from TT, to Block-builders, to Blender/HomeNOS-privateers, to certified Trend-announced Modellers.

    To me this isn't a big problem. There are billions of forums with Galeries out there, with restricted invitation-only access. Two dedicated TT'users, can open a secret section there, and send out invitations only to trusted TT'ers.

    It is however a huge problem for Trend. If they decide to just safeguard the forum from pictures with potential copyright issues, they will lose traffic from Galerie-postings, SnappschuB-postings and a LOT of presentations of tracks/anlagen, that includes logo's. If they decide to instruct the constructors to dramatically reduce the number of TT-models, underground projects like the CUBUS project will gain supporters, and sales will be hurt from ppl making their own models, with their own private textures (using the logos they want to use). And in the end - if Trend decides to remove TT'ing as a feature, then they should know that it will create a small revolte and an exodus of users from the game (even amongst the established constructors).

    So it just puzzles me to realize, that creativity isn't really talked about in this discussion. I mean all of us creative TT'ers can go somewhere, and do what we always did, hidden from nosy copyright-hunters and even from Trend associated ppl. We can show and share our works just as we will. Just not on MEF. And the same will apply to this as to smoking at a party. All users on MEF knows that smoking is wrong, but if you really want to join the party, you have to find the smokers. The true creatives who loves to see ideas evolve, will join the underground.

    If Trend truely want this part of the EEP-creativity to live, I'm sure some of them will soon find ways to help TT'ers, instead of talking about rules all the time. If what they are about to do is, to kill or strongly restrict the use of TT, then I'm sure they have thought through this decision, and have decided that they can live without the traffic from users, that really enjoys the DNA - creativity. And a potential exodus from users and constructors, who primarily plays the game for the creativity.

    I cross my fingers for the right decision from Trend, but my hopes are fading...