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    Hallo Allen

    Es wird mir ein bischen fiel. Mein Frage war ganz einfach SUCHE eine Raffinerie, habe einige gute loesingen bekommen und will damit weiter arbeiten. Die Diskusionen nachher ueber WO und WIE und WAS gehoert das gehen mir zuweit.

    Es tut mir leid und hiermit moechte ich gerne die Diskusionen abschliesen.

    Danke fuer euere Beitraege.

    Gaertner dein Vorschlag gefallt mir besonderes.

    Frage bleibt wie ich das Modell bekommen kan.

    Schaffe es nicht mehr eurere Berichte zuruck zu finden.

    Hallo zusammen,

    zunächst wünsche ich euch allen ein gesundes neues Jahr!

    Ich bin auf der Suche nach eine Raffinerie. Es gab ja eine fuer EEP6. Ich weiss nicht ob man das Modell umsetzen kann auf EEP15.

    Ich habe das program.


    Gibt es vielleich eine andere Loesung eine Raffinerie zu bekommen

    :ac_1::ac_1::ac_1:Entschuldige fuer al die Fehler bei der benuetzung von mein Deutsch. Bin nicht Deutschsprachig versteh Ihnen aber ohne Problemen:aa_1::aa_1::aa_1:

    Viel gruessen


    Dear all

    When using GBS set-up program in EEP15 I have the following problem:

    For the assignment of a an object to the GBS map, the use of the mouse in combination of a small square that covers a part of the object is needed. It works like that however my square is positioned far away from where I started with the mouse pointer.

    Although it works it is very complicated especially in a very crowded are in the the track to find the proper object.

    Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be.



    Hello Alfed

    I started with EEP a few days ago. Got the same message.

    I decided to install and it works fine by me.

    So I do not see why should want to surpress

    Kind regards

    Hello Robert

    Good explanation. Thx.

    Just an additional question

    Models that were bought as well as the free models will be installed also following this procedure?

    When I switched from EEP6 to EEP12 I lost, amongst others, all my rolling stock. A huge investment by that time and moreover, many models are unfortunately not available any more.

    So you will understand that before switching from EEP12 to EEP15, (no EEP16 yet because of all the children's diseases), I need to be sure I will not loose again all of the nice models so desperately obtained over the years.

    Looking forward to your answer



    Dear all

    In between a lot of discussions on EEP16 I have a question that rates back to EEP12.

    I combined a lot of different models to build a steel factory. This combination resembles a single line from blast furnace via steel making, casting and rolling into an end product. I used several models, adjusted heights and sizes (L*b*d), etc.

    The idea is to use this line for a second line and I therefore "build"/saved it in a block.. This all works fine,

    Now I want to copy back this block in my project for a new line. I get all the individual parts/models back but unfortunately the heights and sizes are not the same. Positions did not change.

    Is there a way to save a block out of different models with different heights and sizes in such a way that when copied back, still has the same heights and sizes.

    I appreciate your comments and ideas



    Dear all

    For the next version of EEP

    May be a request that was asked earlier. Although it is not a proposal for a new model. I would be very happy that in KP set-up there would be more than just one condition (e.g Wenn Signal/Weiche1 XXX ist XXX, Wenn Signal/Weiche2 YYY ist YYY, etc......)

    I do not know, whenever already possible to have more than one, I think at least 5 would be excellent.

    It would enormously improve the use KP's in combination with e.g. Fahrstrassen.

    Kind regards


    Thanks very much for your answers. I am afraid I have to start tasting bitter coffee and make a beginning in understanding the Lua handbook and thereafter step aside of my railway hobby into computer program writing if I want my ideas to be realized.



    See what you mean Michael. Although it is not the most satisfactory solution I will give it a try.

    I might need a lot of Schaltautos and hope I will not loose track of what is what.

    Another solution is welcome but if not..........wish me luck.

    THX for the solution.

    Hello Michael

    THX for the fast answer.

    I think you meant this. In my EEP12 handbuch the pages do not correspond with yours but anyway.

    Steuerung im Fahrbetrieb:

    Die Steuerung im laufenden Fahrbetrieb können Sie entweder direkt im 3D Bereich vornehmen oder Sie nutzen

    das Radar-Fenster dazu. Klicken Sie nacheinander auf das Start- und Zielsignal. Ist alles in Ordnung, so wird Ihre

    Fahrstraße geschaltet. Ist die Fahrstraße belegt, weil entweder eine andere Fahrstraße bereits geschaltet wurde

    oder ein Rollmaterial diese Fahrstraße belegt, so erhalten Sie im 3D-Fenster eine Meldung.

    Unfortunately I am afraid this only works in manual mode unless I did not understand correctly


    Dear all,

    I question on which I could not find any discussions yet in the forum.

    Is it possible to get information if a paert of the rack is occupied by a train or wagon. This in order to set up a decent plan for running the trains in an automatic mode.

    For example if track X is occupied go via track Y. (I hope it is clear what I want to do)

    I have seen that a GBS gives that information and I am sure it can be done with Lua but Lua is not my type of coffee. Or if somebody can help to give me a complete and simple solution. I have seen that with KP there is a possibility to introduce Lua.

    The final idea

    For train XXX

    go Fahrstrasse 1 or

    when Fahrstrasse 1 is occupied go Fahrstrasse 2

    P.S. You can answer in English or German sinc I speak both languages only the German writing is too bad and certainly with an US keyboard

    Because place and time were missing to practice model railroading, my children gave me EEP4 for my birthday a long time ago.

    It took a while before I really started using the program but once I discivered the possibilities I bought EEP6. Brand new by that time.I could carry it with me on my PC and in the evenings I passed a lot of time using EEP in these always boring hotel-rooms during my business trips I made myself familiar with the program. Even during long flights I amused myself with EEP. Flight personnel very often asked what I was doing and some of them even became enthusiast about the possibilities

    At retirement age I offered myself a new LAPTOP with EEP12.

    In the mean time although I am still a real model railroader EEP starts to take over a large part of time normally spent on model railroading. You do not need a lot of space, there are almost no limitations and price wise it is far more cheap and within the limits affordable.

    The advantage of EEP compared to model railroading is the fact that you can work on it while sitting with the family in the same room. You do not become an individualist living in his own world during many hours.

    Please keep on going with EEP and let it never disappear.

    Kind regards


    Hello Chucksim2

    The most interesting solution is a program called Tauschmanager. A program that can be obtained free of charge by sending a postcard of the village your living to the developer.

    You can get more information in "Das EEP depot" from Jurgen the developer of this fantastic tool.

    There is just one drawback. If you want to give in numbers, which you need you have to switch temporarily the global settings of you computer to German (GE).

    Good luck




    I tried all of your proposals Goetz and it works fine.

    Herewith my problem is solved. Thanks so much for the help.

    I made a note by pencil in my manual so that it will never happen again. These "bugs" are not easy to find and it keeps you busy for quite a long time. Fortunately this FORUM exists.

    May I ask a question to to the experts and you of course also Goetz.

    I am thinking of changing my EEP12 for a newer version. What would I do EEP14 or EEP15 or better wait till EEP16. However I do not like children's diseases that very often occur in first release SW.

    What would the experts recommend.

    Kind regards


    It is exactly as Goetz says.

    Signals do not react when a preset route is activated.


    As you propose the signals are included, colored block next to the colored preset route indication.

    However a right-click on the signals does not open any window. So I cannot see any of the status. Nor the signals and nor the track-switches.

    So something must be wrong.